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Tiger Suspended From Writing for Golf Digest

According to a recent post by Cheryl Phillips, a writer for Chicago's branch of the Examiner.com, Tiger Woods has just been suspended from his writing gig at Golf Digest. This writing assignment was worth a reported $3 million per year for the golfer before Conde Nast (the company which owns Golf Digest) decided to suspend Woods for the time being and with no reinstatement date announced at this time.

Tiger Woods wrote a monthly column that contained golfing tips and other
golf-game advice. Since Tiger announced his ndefinite leave of golf, Golf Digest
decided it was best for Tiger to stop writing the column.

Ironically enough, Golf Digest's January 2010 cover depicts both Tiger and President Obama, even in the wake of infidelity, lies, and sponsorship drops. Personally, I cannot wait to read some of the Letters to the Editor in the next few months.

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