Tiger Still Rolling in Dough

Don't let the numbers fool you, folks. Despite what will be a costly divorce and the loss of key sponsors from his brand, Tiger Woods is still making a ton of cash.

According to SI.com, Woods tops the 50 wealthiest athletes list for the seventh consequtive year by boasting an impressive $90.5 million (which, to be fair, is 10% lower than it was the previous year and 40% in 2008). In addition to that list, Tiger also tops a similar list populated by Forbes magazine. Forbes was also the publication that suggested Tiger's divorce would cost him roughly $750 million... but we won't talk about that little miscalculation.

On one hand, while Woods is technically losing money due to recent poor play and other "transgressions", other major sport athletes are actually making money in comparison to last year (up 1.7 percent). Despite this trend, Woods' earnings still show roughly $20.5 million in actual golf prize winnings and an additional $70 million coming from endorsements. NIKE and EASports remain his top sponsors.

Rounding out Forbes' top five were boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr ($65-million), NBA star Kobe Bryant ($48-million), Mickelson ($46-million) and Beckham ($43.7-million). Federer ($43-million), James ($42.8-million) and Pacquiao ($42-million) were next on the list, which previously ranked the top 20. (Reuters)