Tiger Out of Rehab; Elin Staying Put

Perhaps the rumors that Tiger is coming back sooner rather than later have some truth behind them, after all.

According to Golf365.com and RadarOnline.com, Tiger and his wife Elin were seen leaving the Gentle Path rehabilitation clinic early this morning under what was deemed "heavy security". Furthermore, reports now suggest that Elin has changed her mind on divorcing Tiger and was a critical aspect of the rehabilitation process which included a 5-day combined session with the married couple.

It is understood that part of the therapy at Gentle Path involved confronting the damage his alleged affairs had done to his marriage and his wife, who is reported to have dropped her plans to divorce him and is said to have spent five days at the rehab centre last month as part of his healing process.

While this does not necessarily indicate when Tiger will be returning to professional golf, one can assume that he may try to play in a tournament or two before the Masters.