The Trials and Tribulations of Fantasy Golf

Over the past few years, I have tried various forms of Fantasy Sports including baseball (which is incredibly difficult and a complete waste of time since no one has enough time to maintain a team for 162 games, and if you can then you are either a sports journalist in your mother's basement or Bill Simmons), football (which tends to be a little more manageable due the shorter season, but definitely still difficult due to the number of critical positions on the team and the fact that I continuously draft Ladanian Tomlinson only to be incredibly disappointed year after year), and now fantasy golf. Oh, I almost forgot about my one attempt at fantasy basketball, but we will leave that one alone since I actually did pretty well by simply letting the computer do everything and therefore should not account as an actual attempt on my behalf.

Fantasy golf is a wonderful hobby to undertake if you enjoy the idea of fantasy sports but only enough time to check your line-up on the weekends. While this sounds very manageable, I still find a way to forget that I not only have a league to help maintain, but also that there is something called "the Internet" that can be accessed on things called "computers". every Wednesday by about 3pm I am running around the office trying to find a secure computer to quickly log onto my fantasy league and make my line-up changes before the deadline.

In case you were wondering, this isn't the best way to make the best line-up choices for each week's tournament. Let's be serious: certain players play better at certain courses. This is not rocket science, and if I actually gave myself a little time to research each player entered into the event, I might fare a little better each week. But no. I decide to rush things and just pick TIGER TIGER TIGER.

I've basically decided that the best method to use at this point in the golf season is simply to go down the list of players in alphabetical order. I certainly could not do any worse than I have this year, and even if I won every tournament from this point forward I would still not finish any higher than third place (which, in my league, wins you absolutely nothing).

I guess there is always next season.