The NIKE Method Concept Putter

NIKE-METHOD-PUTTER_depth1David Bryce is an online publisher for Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson, MO. He blogs on the topics of golf, travel, and vacations. If you’re familiar with any of Nike’s previous additions to the sport you know that they are continually pushing the boundaries of how people think about and play the game of golf.  With their release of the Method Concept they stay true to their aesthetic and what they have come up with is definitely a departure from some of the more traditional putters that exist on the market today.

The innovation behind the Method Concept is similar to the Method Drone model the company released earlier in the year.  Nike takes the idea of a traditional putter and tweaks it slightly, giving golfers a smaller footprint at address.

Nike achieved this in the Method with three key parts held together by two small aluminum screws.  The front of the putter is constructed from an ultra-light aluminum face.  As with any putter that is fabricated from aluminum you’re going to notice a significant change to the roll of the ball after the stroke.  With the Method, this is partly achieved through the aluminum face but also due to the polymetal insert that Nike put on the front of the putter.

The word on the street is that Nike developed this technology after noticing a severe lack of science and study put into pro athlete’s short game.  By using this insert a couple of things can occur.  The official word from Nike is that the poly-metal groove insert, “allows for more topspin, less skid and a higher degree of accuracy.”  I found that the way the Concept’s grooves were situated it did keep the ball in line, giving a better straight trajectory that I was actually able to notice from the first couple swings.

The last piece of technology that the Concept uses is perfectly weighted steel back ring.  It is this piece that really sets the Concept apart in terms of looks and performance.  With moment of inertia in mind, Nike put two thirds of the weight in the back of the club and one third of the weight in the front of the club.  This ratio of weight gives the putter a really nice deep center of gravity; the feel of a blade and the effect of a mallet.

With the specs covered, it’s time to take a look at the appearance and design of the Concept.  Straight off the bat, you’re going to notice a huge difference in looks that makes it’s really stand out amongst its peers.  What they have come up with is truly an innovation as the putter is just as amazing to look at as it is to use.  The construction of the weighted steel back piece is done in such a way that it leaves a large space in between the face and the back.  This stylizing almost gives the effect of the iconic Nike swoosh when viewed from certain angles.

On its initial February release, the Concept was launched in only a deep wine red and black pack piece.  Since then, it has also been spotted in some limited edition colors (white and blue for the US Open and a green and yellow model too) some of which are still available in small numbers across the internet.

If the looks and specs haven’t sold you, the Method Concept also has the winning numbers in its favor.  Since the Method’s inception, the technology can now boast having more than 35 wins across the world in professional tours and three big name championships.

The putter is currently going for about $240 on the Nike website but can be found for as little as $150 on sites like eBay and

Have you or anyone you known used one of Nike’s Method putters? I’d love to hear your thoughts and stories on the experience below.