The Mystery of Robert Garrigus' Pants

Over the weekend, golf fans were treated to a great display of golf from a man that typically isn't in the spotlight for the PGA Tour during the St. Jude Classic. Robert Garrigus, a very talented plyer who had one of his best showings on Tour to date over the weekend, came "oh so close" to winning the tournament. Nevertheless, what Robert DID make a huge statement for was the possibility of a new endorsement deal.

Despite a rather difficult finish at the St. Jude by dropping a three-shot lead that ultimately saw Garrigus lose a grip on a potential win, television viewers were also treated to a rather disturbing view of Robert's sweaty backside. However, this is not to say that numerous other people on Tour also battle with overact glands. Take Joey Sindelar, for example. It's hot outside, dammit!

However, apparently there have been some pretty nasty rumors going around on the net in an attempt to tie Garrigus' "meltdown" on 18 and what actually happened to his slacks.