The Costco Kirkland Signature golf ball is coming back (sort of)


Costco is bringing the Kirkland Signature golf ball back to their wholesale shelves very soon, but with some subtle differences that you may or may not notice. Our friends at is on the ball (puns!) once again with the news:

Effective March 1st, the USGA has approved a new Costco Kirkland Signature golf ball. The new ball is called the Costco Kirkland Signature Performance One. Let’s call it the K-SigP1.


According to the article, the K-SigP1 has the same 360-dimple pattern urethane cover as the original K-Sig, features a mid-to-high spin profile, and a construction of more than three layers. The latter point comes with a subtle, yet noticeable difference: the new ball is listed as having a four-piece/triple cover while the original has a four-piece, solid center, triple cover.

No, this doesn't mean the new ball has a liquid center. As Tony at MGS points out, this difference is likely due to the thickness of each ball's individual layers.

So what does this all mean?

The new K-SigP1 is not the same golf ball as the original. And while that may be blatantly obvious because of the different name, this difference exists because the original construction no longer exists.

Long story short: the original K-Sigs were (likely) TaylorMade overruns with (likely) Nassau covers, and the stock ran out. End of story.

Go read the MGS article for more background on both K-Sig models and even more reason to question what's behind the products you buy and put in your golf bag. Rest assured that all the big-name golf ball brands are well aware of what Costco is doing, and some notable companies are not happy about it.

What are your thoughts on the Costco Kirkland Signature golf balls? Have you tried them? Do you want to try them?

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