The Cigar Man: This is Getting Weird

The 2010 Ryder Cup was good for two things: 1) Perhaps the most dramatic Ryder Cup finish in recent memory;

2) The birth of the now-famous pop culture icon, 'Cigar Man'

Nobody knows who this guy is.  Well... that's not entirely true.  SOMEBODY has to know the identity of this putz, but that person sure isn't talking.  Rumors are flying left and right over who this mysterious man might be, including the possibility of Sasha Baron Cohen dressed as his new character, Afzal:

In August 2010, Empire magazine leaked an interview with Sacha Baron Cohen about an upcoming film by accidentally posting the interview 2 months early.  Sacha described his new role as a “muslim pansexual transvestite sports professional” named Afzal. It was later decided he would be a professional golfer, after previously having wanted his role to be an upcoming Premier League football star, it was decided by Cohen’s lawyers that this was potentially too dangerous due to backlash from fans. Cohen also noted that it would be necessary to use facial prosthetics due to him now being so recognizable worldwide and aimed to make his character “of middle eastern descent and slightly chubby; basically not your archetypal sports star.”

Looking back at the photo, it certainly appears that this guy is chubbier than the well-known comedian of Borat/Bruno fame.  The use of prosthetics would be needed to conceal his identity, indeed, since basically everyone with a TV knows about Cohen.  Except for my grandmother; she still thinks the Chicago Cubs have Ryne Sandberg.

When looking at the Cigar Man from another angle, we can see that he is definitely looking for attention: