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The Barclays Final Round Brings Limited Drama to FedEx

Among many journalists, bloggers, and other media, the FedEx Cup is anything but a "true" playoff system and should be completely restructured or possibly even dropped. However, the final round of the first leg of the FedEx, the Barclays, is on the brink of becoming one of the more exciting finishes this season.

However, many critics will still suggest that the drama is nothing more than the result of an unconventional golf course that many players have suggested is unfit for tournament play.

At the time of this post, the Barclays is winding down and Tiger is once again prowling... hence, the source of much of the excitement this year. However, watching Tiger hit a punch 3 wood on a 500 yard par 4 isn't really something that the non-traditional golf fan particularly enjoys... or understands.

The FedEx cup, to this juncture, has been nothing more than good golfers playing poorly. Even as I type, Tiger Woods misses an 8-footer on the 18th hole to tie for the lead in the clubhouse. Steve Marino, once in the hunt for the title, tops a utility wood from what appeared to be feather-grass just barely off the fairway. Heath Slocum and Steve Stricker hit their tee shots on the final hole in opposite bunkers.

This tournament is about as dramatic as watching a hit-and-giggle tournament at a park district course.

With any luck, however, the last remaining tournaments will prove to be slightly more intriguing as the Tour moves to more familiar courses. If anything, golf fans everywhere are hoping for it.

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