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REVIEW: GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer


Mobile golf swing analyzers are becoming all the rave for smartphone users, but very few applications are detailed or sophisticated enough to provide information that is actually useful to the golfer. Fortunately, the new GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer is highly detailed and easy-to-use for any player looking to study his or her golf game. The uniqueness in the GolfSense design begins with the unit itself. Unlike other smartphone app/device combinations on the market, the GolfSense analyzer does not affix to your golf club. Instead, the unit's receiver clips conveniently on to your golf glove.

Golf Sense 3D

The glove-based sensor attaches to the Velcro strap on your golf glove and wirelessly transmits swing data to your iOS or Android device. What I liked most about this design is that I could swing as hard as I wanted without worrying that the device would fly off into the sunset. I cannot say the same for other similar devices I have tested in the past.


A revolutionary 3D swing data motion engine captures hundreds of data points for every swing you take and delivers real-time analysis right to your smartphone screen. I was impressed by the wide range of data I immediately had at my fingertips. This was possible for two reasons:

1) The smartphone app is incredibly well-made and comprehensive, offering analytic data that will appease even the biggest golf nerds (like me); and

2) I didn't have to prompt the application to "pick up" my golf swing. Instead, the application is constantly running once you turn it on. You simply need to make golf swings and the application will work.

The GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer is a great addition to the golf-tech world and can be a great fit for your next practice session. You can pick up your own device at many leading golf stores or from the company website.

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