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TaylorMade Project (a): Could This Be Your Next Golf Ball?

taylormade project aTaylorMade Golf announced their new Project (a) golf ball today, according to a press release. The ball is engineered to promote more spin and improved performance where amateurs need it most: into and around the green. It shouldn't be a shock to suggest that amateur golfers don't generate as much spin on the golf ball as pro players do. It appears that TaylorMade's new pellets address that issue head-on... assuming it's an issue for you in the first place.

The “a” in Project (a) stands for “amateur,” and the reason for its creation is simple: Amateur golfers generate less spin than Tour professionals. Project (a) is designed to deliver more spin on mid irons, short irons and shots around the green; resulting in enhanced control and increased scoring opportunities.

I see where TaylorMade is going with this mindset, but I'm not completely sold on how big a problem "lack of spin" is for amateur golfers. As a 9-handicap, I don't really care too much about how far I can back a golf ball up on the green. As long as that sucker stops at some point on the putting surface, I'll be fine.

I'd be interested to see if my opinion changes after trying the new ball. Once I have them, of course.

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