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SwingTIP delivers the ultimate interactive learning experience

All golfers have a common trait when it comes to practicing: tinkering with their golf swing. Unfortunately, most amateurs don't have access to a teaching golf professional or high-tech swing video tracking. Watching one's swing on video and understanding swing plane, angle of downswing and correcting swing flaws can be more confusing than rocket science. The SwingTIP Golf Swing Analyzer by Mobiplex just made things much easier.

This innovative Bluetooth-enabled 3D motion sensor device clips to your golf club and is paired with a mobile app for your Android or iOS smartphone. After opening your MySwingTip.com account, you are then able to hit golf balls as you normally would at any driving range while your smartphone and SwingTIP device record your club movement. After each swing, the golf app registers a video-like swing animation that details the swing path, mechanical statistics, and presumed shot shape for the golf swing you just made.

Weighing just one ounce and with dimensions similar to a USB flash drive, the SwingTIP device won't affect your swing. The device is comprised of a two-clamp holster that keeps SwingTIP securely in place throughout your swing, so no worries about sending the device down range. Even better, the SwingTIP turns off when not in use, which allows it to stay charged long enough for a 200-swing session on the range.

What I enjoyed most about the SwingTIP was the feedback I received from the smartphone app that accompanies the package. For years I have struggled with taking the club back too far on the inside while also attacking the ball to impact from the inside. This often causes a nasty hook, but I never had a grasp on how to correct the issue. Simply put, I didn't know what "taking the club on an outside plane" felt like. SwingTIP not only showed me what my swing path was, but it also showed me when my swing path was corrected.

Finally, and possibly most helpful, SwingTIP's smartphone app includes videos and text narratives on how to correct your swing flaws after the device records your last swing. So not only do you now know what is going wrong in your swing, but you also receive advice on how to correct it.

Technical specifications for the SwingTIP are available at www.swingtip.com/specifications. You can also connect with SwingTIP on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.

The SwingTIP Golf Swing Analyzer retails for $129.99 and includes the 3D motion sensor, club holster clip, shims, micro-USB cable and Quick Start Guide (with free mobile app).

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