Steve Jobs and Golf: A Few Points

While the worlds of innovation and technology continue to mourn the passing of Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs, one cannot overlook the reach that his products have spanned over the years, most notably the iPhone. Thanks to the incredibly sophisticated inner-workings of these helpful little devices, iPhone users across the globe have had their eyes opened to possibilities that would have never exisited had it not been for the minds at Apple and especially that of Steve Jobs. Luckily for golfers, the technology within most iProducts translated rather seamlessly into the world of our sport, whether it be via an electronic scorecard application, a GPS rangefinder, or even a helpful training aid to help with your putting stroke. The impact that these products have had in golf is unmistakable, as the folks at WAM Golf detailed in a recent article. As that article suggests, the iPhone has helped golfers in a variety of ways. For example, the iPhone's high-definition, high quality camera has allowed golfers and golf instructors a new way to capture swings, alignments, and other areas of the game like never before. Sure; there were phones available with cameras long before the iPhone. However, these devices lacked the clarity and customization features that Jobs incorporated into his devices. Along with the advent of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, golfers were also able to share their photos and swing videos with other people around the world, including golf instructors and even touring golf professionals.

The iPhone's inner accelerometer also opened the doors to innovation in the area of golf training aids. For example,the PING iCradle is a product that attaches to your putter and cradles your iPhone in such a way that a specialized application can determine if your stroke is on-plane. There have also been applications created to assist with reading a putting green by laying your iPhone on the ground, thus allowing the accelerometer to "read" the contours on the putting surface. Other phones now feature this handy little phoen feature, including Android models, but it was Jobs who helped put the term "accelerometer" into the everyman's vocabulary.

The list goes on and on with the number of applications, features, and other areas that the iPhone can offer to assist golfers (just type the subject "golf" into iTunes, for example). Thanks to the insight and talents of a man like Steve Jobs, the game is now more personable, interactive, and technological than ever before. Rest in peace, Steve.