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Some Changes at ChicagoDuffer.com


Over the past month or so, you have more than likely noticed a few changes to the format and appearance of ChicagoDuffer.com.  As such, I wanted to provide a quick summary of where I would like this blog to go, the new options on the website, and why I decided to make the switch.

When I first started this site over a year ago, I really had no idea where it might end up.  All I knew is that I loved the game of golf, I enjoyed writing, and this seemed to be a great way to enjoy both at the same time.  I never had any dreams of becoming rich off of the website; I just wanted to write and share my views on this great game.  To this day, I still do not make a dime off of ChicagoDuffer.com.

Having been in the online publishing world since 2005, both as a freelance writer and blogger, there is not a day that goes by where I don't learn something new about what readers want, what they are looking for, and what they DON'T want on their favorite sites.  Golfers and golf writers have visited this site throughout the year, and I have received valuable feedback from these readers on how to improve their experience while visiting.  Therein lies the vision or goal of ChicagoDuffer.com: to provide an informative and unique perspective on all things golf in the best interest of the reader.

Pretty cliche, eh?  After all, shouldn't every golf blog or website cater to its readers?  Allow me to clarify.

ChicagoDuffer.com should be more than just my viewpoint on golf-related news.  It should be a social network of sorts where ideas and opinions can be shared with complete candor and honesty.  I want my readers to suscribe/follow/bookmark this site because they enjoy visiting it much like they would enjoy visiting a news site or community forum.  Playing a round of golf by yourself can be enjoyable, true.  However having others in your group keep you honest, on your best game, and simply add to the overall experience. 

With that being said, I want to hear from you: the reader.  Even if you drop by the site once a week, your opinions and suggestions are important to me.  For those readers who visit more often, also feel free to share your ideas on what we can do better.  ChicagoDuffer.com strongly encourages comments, and I will always respond to any question a reader posts on this site.

On ChicagoDuffer.com's new format, you will find options to share blog posts, visit more popular threads, read other comments made to posts, and even have new material sent directly to your email.  Twitter, Facebook, Digg... all users are welcome and encouraged to share something you agree with or disagree with via a simple mouse click.

In closing, I do want to extend my appreciation to all readers for helping give me the motivation and passion to continue writing about all things golf.  Without your thoughts and attention, this site could not exist.  Thank you a million times over.

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