Slammin' Sam Beer is the smoothest in golf

For those who don't know, trying new beers is one of my favorite things to do. Golf-themed beers make this hobby even more enjoyable, and I haven't found a selection more tasty than Slammin' Sam Beer. Slammin' Sam is a craft-brewed light lager that features the traditional golden color you'll see with most other lagers. Brewed by the Slammin' Sam Beer company and inspired by golfing great Sam Snead, this beer has a light, refreshing taste that is crisp at first but becomes incredibly smooth. The aftertaste offers a pleasant mild flavor that reminded me of honey, however only in taste and not in sweetness (if that makes sense). Make no mistake about it; this beverage is beer through and through and reminded me of Miller Lite or Old Style... just tastier.

To be fair, while I greatly enjoyed the taste of Slammin' Sam, I worry about how this great beer will hold up against other lagers commonly found on the golf course. Beer drinkers tend to stick to their favorites, so this will be a challenge for the Slammin' Sam Beer Company's debut offering.

You can learn more about Sammin' Slam at many resort courses around the nation or by visiting the company's Facebook page at They can also be found on Twitter

Slammin' Sam Beer Co. Pinehurst, N.C. 4.8% ABV