Seve Wants Ryder Cup to be Four Days

Golf legend and Ryder Cup icon Seve Ballesteros is voicing his opinion on how he believes the Ryder Cup format should be altered, and not just for the benefit of golf fans.  As of 2010, the current Ryder Cup format consists of four fourballs and four foursomes matches on the opening day, followed by seperate match sessions on the remaining two competition days.  According to Ballesteros, however, there may be a better model to consider.As stated in today's article on the Scotsman, the 53-year old Spaniard proposes that his changes will benefit the fans, players, sponsors, and television viewers if a fourth day was added to the current format.

"Everything in life can improve and sometimes changes can be beneficial," said Ballesteros. "The event could go to four competition days. I think this would be good for everyone.  From the players' point of view because being at a venue from the Monday and waiting four days to play [on the Friday] it is sometimes very long in my opinion. You really want to play and start the competition."

Seve went on to suggest that television viewers and producers would also reap benefits from the change, of course, due to increased coverage and sponsorship exposure.  While the current format often leaves a few players out of the first day of competition, the model Seve proposes would do away with this playing hiatus for most of the European and American Ryder Cup rosters.

Ballesteros is also a pioneer and spokesperson that is assisting Madrid in its hopes to host the 2018 Ryder Cup matches.  Current countries said to be in consideration in addition to Madrid include locations in France, Germany, Portugal, and the Netherlands.