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Scoreband Watches: The Best Golf Product You Will Buy This Year

As many of my readers know, I review a lot of stuff on this blog. Gadgets, clothing, clubs, balls... the list goes on and on. So believe me when I say I have seen it all and have tried it all when it comes to the "next big thing" in golf products. With that being said, the Scoreband wristband watch is by far the best golf product I have seen in 2012. ScoreBand is the world’s first multi-sport scorekeeping wristband watch. It has 4 different modes: Time, AllScore, Golf, and Tennis. The Golf mode is perfect for golfers because it eliminates score confusion and allows you to focus more on your game. Not only is the wristband lightweight and easy to use, it is infused with negative ion emitting material and an LCD display component capable of quickly and easily managing scores and statistics. ScoreBand recently won the "Best Product Concept" at the 2012 PGA Golf Merchandise show.

That's right folks: this watch not only keeps time, but also helps you track your score during a round of golf conveniently from your wrist of choice. Sure, there are other products on the market that have similar functions, but how many of those cost the low price of $29.95?

That's what I thought.

What's even more impressive is the All-Sport scoring feature, which allows you to keep score for any point-based sport or game that you can think of. Playing cards at your neighborhood pub and don't have a pen and paper? Scoreband's got you covered. Playing beanbags at a summer party and forgot the score? Scoreband solves that problem as well. The uses are endless.

Scoreband watches come in an array of customizable color combinations, including white or black bands and pink, orange, green, or purple buttons.

Visit Scoreband's website to learn more, including order forms and pricing information.

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