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Rory Thinks Brandel Chamblee "Is Completely Wrong"

brandel chamblee apologizesRory McIlroy voiced his displeasure regarding golf analyst Brandel Chamblee's cheating accusation about fellow Nike player Tiger Woods, saying the analyst was "completely wrong". As reported by the Global Post, McIlroy told reporters that he believes Chamblee "should be dealt with" following the analysts' insinuation that Woods cheated on the golf course numerous times throughout 2013. Chamblee gave Woods an 'F' grade during his year-end report card special during a recent Golf Channel telecast, stating that Woods was a bit "cavalier with the rules", but we all know what he meant.

"Yeah, I think Brandel was completely wrong. I don't think he has the authority to say anything like that about Tiger Woods," McIlroy told the Global Post.

"People wouldn't know who Brandel Chamblee was if it wasn't for Tiger Woods, so I am completely against what he said and I think he should be dealt with in the right way."

I knew I liked this kid for a reason.

The Golf Channel has remained mum on the topic since the telecast, preferring instead to allow Chamblee to issue a sorry excuse for an apology to Woods via Twitter. In his "apology", Chamblee stated he never wanted to garner this much attention from the remarks, which, of course, is bullshit.

While we at ChicagoDuffer.com would never ask for the termination of another golf writer for simply speaking his opinion, it remains suspiciously interesting that the Golf Channel has yet to make a public statement of any kind. Personally, I believe the issue with Chamblee will be dealt with behind closed doors and that we will see him make a similar half-assed apology on-air during the next tournament telecast. In the meantime, however, none of us will be holding our breath.

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