REVIEW: Wilson Staff D300 Driver

The new Wilson Staff D300 driver was built with one prevailing quality in mind: speed. With a combination of lightweight features, aerodynamic clubhead science and ball speed focus, the D300 driver is generating a lot of buzz in the market. I had the chance to test this exciting new driver recently, and here are the results.

Wilson Staff D300 driver features and specs

The "D" in the Wilson Staff D300 driver literally stands for "distance," giving you an immediate clue on what this club emphasizes.

A series of small "bumps" on the club's crown -- deemed Micro Vortex Generators by Wilson -- reduces drag as you swing the club through the air. An extremely lightweight hosel attached to a 44-gram Matrix golf shaft equates to one of the lightest overall drivers in the game. Combined, Wilson defines this as Right Light Technology most useful for players looking for an immediate boost in distance off the tee.

The Wilson Staff D300 driver is 46 inches long and is available in 9.0, 10.5, or 13.0 stock lofts (adjustable). I used the 9.0 version in my test adjusted to 10 degrees.

Overall Impression

The Wilson Staff D300 driver is a great option for players looking to improve their distance off the tee. As you saw in my video above, while I prefer a driver with a little more weight, this should not be seen as a knock on the D300. I still hit some bombs with the club in my test, including the 264-yard carry depicted in the video.

Accuracy was another plus. Perhaps it was due to the lightweight nature of the club, but I felt like I had complete control over the D300. Ball flight was a little lower than I am accustomed too -- a loft adjustment can address this quickly -- but shot dispersion was consistent. I would have no problem keeping this club in the fairway.

While I did not seen a significant difference in distance when compared to my current driver, the D300 performed incredibly similar to the leading drivers on the market. This is true for both distance and ball speeds.

Final Word

For me, purchasing a driver like the Wilson Staff D300 at its $349.99 price point makes more sense than going with a competitor priced any higher. I would not be sacrificing anything in terms of distance, but I would be saving a good chunk of change in comparison. The purchasing decision would boil down to aesthetics. Do you like bumps on your driver or not?

The Wilson Staff D300 driver surprised me. I did not expect it to perform as well as it did, and with all features considered, it is an incredible value for golfers at any level.