REVIEW: True Spec Golf Club Fitting

True Spec Golf is a growing company that specializes in custom club fitting in 15 locations across the US, Europe, and Asia. Committed in providing their clients 100 percent satisfaction with their fitting experience, True Spec Golf has been earning a ton of positive buzz in recent months. I paid a visit to their new Chicago area studio to get a first-hand look at their services. I left my visit with a new understanding of my game and a new favorite golf service.

My True Spec Golf Experience

My contacts for the fitting were Scott Anderson and Michael Glauberman from True Spec Golf. Scott is a Master Fitter, and Michael is a Certified Club Fitter, both of whom exceptionally skilled in their craft.

After discussing my game tendencies and goal for the fitting, as well as explaining I had gone through a fitting before, we agreed to validate my custom-fit irons were still performing as they should. We would then evaluate my current driver to see if there was room to improve.

Scott and Michael then introduced me to their fitting bay, which was what you would expect: an indoor golf simulator with a high-end ball launch monitor. What I didn't expect was a second fitting bay equipped with biomechanic cameras and a massive filing cabinet with more clubhead options than I'd ever seen.

That's right: in addition to their custom fitting service, True Spec Golf also offers full biomechanic analysis capabilities to educate you on why your golf shots behave the way they do.

Dialing it In

True Spec Golf is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment required to give you the best club fitting experience possible.

While Scott showed me around the studio, Michael took baseline measurements of the swing weights, lengths, lie angles and shaft frequencies of my irons and driver. This was a good starting point to let him know what I'm accustomed to and gave him an idea of what to adjust as I started hitting shots.


I learned that my current driver -- the Callaway Epic with a 50g Diamana shaft -- had a swing weight just under D1 while my irons came in at D4. That's a substantial jump in swing weight from one club type to the next and was likely contributing to my biggest swing flaw: a deadly snap hook.

Think about it: if you hit your irons most often during a golf round, and they weigh three swing weights more than your driver, you'll have to seriously adjust your swing off the tee just to keep the ball on the planet.

It would obvious an adjustment of some sort was needed.

Grip it and Rip it

The fun part came next.

After taking a number of swings with my current driver, Scott and Mike did something I didn't expect: they took the time to explain to me my current shot tendencies before making equipment recommendations.

Why is this important? Simple: True Spec Golf wants to make sure you totally understand your game from start to finish. Having them explain exactly what they wanted to adjust and why they were focusing on one variable to the next was exceptionally impressive.

It's one thing to look at a screen of numbers. It's another to recite back what the numbers mean to your club fitter after they've taught you how to interpret them first.

Club fitting should be a collaboration between the client and the fitter. It should also be an educational opportunity for the client to take knowledge with him or her outside the studio. True Spec Golf clearly understands this dynamic and sets an example competitors would be wise to emulate.

The Results

After spending over an hour with Scott and Michael, and hitting nearly 20 different clubhead and shaft combinations, we finally found a winner.

Clearly my current driver was not optimal for my game. While I can play well with my gamer, the high spin rates and excessively light shaft were not ideal for my high launch angle and dynamic loft tendencies. I was leaving yards and control on the table.

However, the Callaway Epic Sub Zero (a low-spin clubhead) with a 65g Graphite Design Tour AD shaft resulted in numbers I've never seen from my driver before.

true spec adam results

That's a gain of 16 total yards, folks. Lo and behold, I've finally found the perfect driver for my game.

Overall Impression

Any club fitting service offers useful insight into your golf game. Some are more thorough than others, but all will leave you with a better understanding of your swing tendencies and equipment.

Then there's True Spec Golf.

I cannot overstate this: True Spec Golf was the best club fitting experience I've had to date. The level of detail they offered and the manner they used to clearly explain that detail was exceptional. And, as you can tell above, the results of their expertise speak for themselves.

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