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REVIEW: True Linkswear True Motion and Game Changer Pro


True Linkswear has established itself as a leader in the golf shoe market thanks to their focus on unparalleled comfort. This trend continues with the new True Motion and Game Changer Pro golf shoe styles, both of which I tested over the last month.

True Linkswear True Motion

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The Motion was inspired by the popular TRUE street style models of the past, now with an improved leather upper, updated styling that's perfect for on and off course, more aggressive barefoot tread and improved comfort essentials.

As the company description suggests, the True Motion golf shoes look and feel like street shoes. The shoes' toes are slightly wider than what I prefer, but this is a common build feature seen in other True styles. Their feel and comfort are the biggest selling points for me as they closely mirror a well-fitting pair of casual shoes. The True Motion features a spikeless sole equipped with rubber nubs that adequately grip the turf while walking or swinging the club. I've always been amazed at the level of traction the True Linkswear shoes offer the player, and the True Motion is no exception.

True Linkswear Game Changer Pro


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Featuring P-Motion Technology, designers utilized an ultra-thin, lightweight proprietary rubber mesh compound created by a biomechanical engineer in the midsole of the Game Changer Pro to create the most flexible spiked shoe on the market. The combination of the rubber mesh and thin EVA foam, P-Motion delivers unprecedented TRUE Comfort and shock absorption allowing your foot to move naturally and breathe inside the shoe. By incorporating the replaceable Champ™ Zarma Tour™ soft spikes and the Slim-Lok™ system, designers were able to maintain a zero drop design with the spikes recessed into the sole.

The above description is a mouthful, but the premise is this: the Game Changer Pro is one of the first True models that feature "traditional" soft golf spikes. And they're amazing.

What I found most interesting about the Game Changer Pro was how much narrower its toes were compared to other True styles. The leather upper seemed to hug my foot more securely than what I've grown accustomed to with this brand. I'd go so far as to say the Game Changer Pro fit better than any other True style I've tried, and that's saying something.

Overall Impression

True Linkswear has hit a home run with both the True Motion and Game Changer Pro. Fans of the brand will find a familiar comfort in the True Motion and a refreshing new feel in the soft-spike-equipped Game Changer Pro. Either option could serve as your go-to golf shoe every time you play, making the choice between the two come down to personal preference. You cannot go wrong in either case.

The True Motion retails for $119.99 and the Game Changer Pro retails for $169.99. Both can be found on www.truelinkswear.com.

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