REVIEW: Trion:Z Magnetic Ionic Gear


Trion:Z Magnetic Ionic gear is attempting a comeback in the United States after years of continued strong sales in Asia and Europe. Backed by an approval as a Class A Medical Device by Japan's Ministry of Health, Trion:Z seeks to recapture a domestic fanbase in the golf accessory market. I had the chance to get a sneak peek at the latest wristbands from Trion:Z in advance of the holiday season.

What is Trion:Z?

Trion:Z Magnetic Ionic gear includes therapeutic athletic accessories, gear and apparel that incorporate the healing benefits of magnetic therapy and negative ion technology. Used as an alternative method to treat common athletic ailments such as joint pain and other chronic maladies, magnetic therapy and negative ion technology have a strong support community that believe in their health benefits.

I know what you're thinking: wasn't there another brand that made similar claims that eventually resulted in a massive lawsuit? Correct, however that company specifically mislead the public without providing any support for their claims.

Trion:Z has done their homework. While not without its detractors, products like Trion:Z are making a comeback thanks to additional research and a wider scope of support from medical professionals across the globe.

There was a time when Trion:Z wristbands could be seen on professional golfers everywhere. While I cannot speak to the health benefits of magnetic therapy, I can speak to how I felt after trying it for myself.

trion z zen loop solo


Benefits of Trion:Z

I have a history of knee and back pain. An ACL reconstruction during my college years undoubtedly paved the way to arthritis later in life while poor posture and an even poorer golf swing contributes daily to my spine health.

Following a round of golf, I usually require a good hour of rest to combat joint stiffness, pain, and soreness.

After wearing a Trion:Z wristband around for a few days, however, I noticed that my "normal" joint pain seemed to lessen. I was especially surprised to find my symptoms to be less severe following a round of golf while wearing the wristband.

As someone who works in the health care field during the day, none of this made any sense to me. Could the effects be the result of placebo? Did I do something different during the time I wore my wristband? I honestly could not pinpoint any overt differences in how I behaved during the day or throughout a round of golf.

All I know is my pain seemed to be less, and that's good enough for me.

What many could write off as coincidence appeared to be real in my experience. Again, I can't explain it, and I'm naturally skeptical.

trion z wristbands

Product Options

Trion:Z offers a wide range of different wristband and apparel options from which to choose. My personal favorite was the Trion:Z Zen Loop Solo wristband.

In addition to different wristband styles and magnet strengths, you will also find athletic joint sleeves, athletic shirts, necklaces, waist bands, back braces, and even accessories for your pets. All products are infused with the same magnetic therapy and negative ion technology.

Prices for the wristbands start at $20 (Trion:Z Classic) and increase based on product.

Overall Impression

Golfers like accessories. This isn't breaking news.

If nothing else, the wristbands are fashionable, minimalist in style, are available in multiple color options and can be worn on or off the golf course. While I don't have data to support claims that Trion:Z provided me a specific health benefit, I can honestly say that I feel less sore now than I did before wearing the wristband.

Call it pure coincidence, placebo, or genuine health results if you want. I'm just happy that Trion:Z is back in the game.