REVIEW: SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer


swingtalkmain The popularity and social integration of smartphones and tablets has opened the floodgates of new golf-themed swing analytic software. SwingTalk by South Korea-based Golfzon is a look into the future of these devices by offering something competing devices do not: voice feedback.

SwingTalk breaks down all phases of your golf swing, including your address position, backswing, top of your swing, downswing and impact position. It then analyzes the impact phase, the movement of your golf shaft, clubhead speed, swing type (inside-out or vice versa) and swing tempo. What's even better is that all of this information is transmitted via Bluetooth to your smartphone instantly.

SwingTalk accomplishes this analysis by way of a 10.5 gram sensor that easily attaches to the grip-end of your club that tracks the motion of your club throughout your swing. Just download the SwingTalk smartphone app from the Apple Apps store or Google Play, turn on your device's Bluetooth, follow the easy-to-follow app setup tutorial and you're set.




What I liked most about the SwingTalk trainer was the voice feedback option on the app. One of the more frustrating elements of similar swing analysis devices I've tried was the need to check my phone's screen after every swing. SwingTalk's voice feedback eliminates that need by providing me instant vocal analysis of my swing.

While the SwingTalk app still needs a little fine tuning -- there were a handful of swings that didn't register, and the app's on-screen appearance is pixelated -- overall I found the system to be rather responsive and informative. I especially appreciated the "professional golfer" outline example that shows how a scratch player's swing path would look on the app. It gives you something to shoot for, you know?

SwingTalk is now available exclusively on and and retails for $149.95.