REVIEW: Sunice Rain GORE-TEX jacket


Sunice outerwear has unveiled their new Sunice Rain garment line for Spring 2016. Featuring three different technologies in as many price ranges -- GORE-TEX, FlexVent and Zephal -- the newest offerings from Sunice as sure to be popular among amateur players next year. “We are very proud of our 2016 lineup,” said Conrad Tappert, President of Sunice.  “It covers all possible golf weather conditions with the Coollite™ fabric and continues with a twist of modern color and touches. 

We had the chance to test out the Sunice Rain GORE-TEX Hurricane Torrance jacket, and here are the results.

Appearance and Fit (3.5/5)

The Sunice Rain GORE-TEX Hurricane Torrance jacket is not unlike most lightweight windbreakers on the market today. The solid colors on the front and back of the jacket are simple, minimalist and will appeal to a wide range of style preferences. Our sample jacket featured solid blue coloring with white bordering and accent colors throughout, which looked clean, professional and of a high quality.

Fit was another story. The Sunice GORE-TEX jacket felt flimsy when worn, almost to the point where you'll wonder if this jacket can keep you warm at all. Granted, this jacket is meant to be worn in rain during the mild Spring months, but I couldn't possibly wear it in sub-50 degree temperatures. It's that thin.

Performance (2/5)

I wasn't very impressed with the Sunice Rain GORE-TEX jacket from an on-course perspective. I prefer golf jackets to be tighter in the arms and around the waist to leave room to swing a golf club. This jacket left a lot to be desired in both fit areas, often giving me the sensation that I was "stuck" during my swing.

Perhaps I needed a smaller sized jacket -- although I normally wear a medium, which our test sample was -- but the GORE-TEX jacket seemed more like a parachute than golf rain gear.

However, the jacket's waterproof protection was on-point. My clothes didn't get wet during the wear test, and that's good enough for me.

Overall (3/5)

While the Sunice Rain GORE-TEX Hurricane Torrance is a stylish and attractive jacket, its overall fit and golf-friendly performance simply falls short when compared to other popular models. Sunice is better known for their outstanding winter sport collections and less for their golf attire.

At a price point of $199.00, golfers willing to shell out that kind of coin will have better options available.