REVIEW: Srixon Z U65 Utility Iron

If you have ever thought about adding a utility iron to your bag, I strongly encourage you to consider the stellar Srixon Z U65 utility. Designed to help you off the tee on tight holes or with long approach shots, there is no wonder that the  Srixon Z U65 utility is the No. 1 utility club on the PGA Tour.

Appearance and Feel

I'll admit -- I didn't think I would prefer a utility iron to my trusted 3-hybrid. After receiving the Z U65 in the mail, however, I knew that something that looked this good deserved my attention.

The iron's design is gorgeous. The forged head features a chrome finish and clean lines that will make you fall in love. Its sole is decidedly wider than "standard" without appearing bulky. Srixon pays close attention to player feedback on multiple fronts, including the look and feel of their products. Both aspects excel in the Z U65, making it one of the best looking and feeling clubs I've ever hit.

Impact is soft, solid, and powerful. While available in steel, I prefer the feel of the Miyazaki Kaula 7 graphite shaft as it gives the iron the feel of a hybrid. This combo makes the Z U65 incredibly easy to hit from any lie.


Wow. Why in the world have I not considered a utility iron sooner?

Sooooooo I hit this 15 yards farther than my 3-hybrid.

— Adam at GU (@GolfUnfiltered) March 25, 2018

After looking at the data from my initial range session, I was pleasantly surprised at my distance gains when compared to my hybrid gamer. Good strikes yielded nearly 15 more yards of distance than my hybrid, which suddenly changes the way I can play par-5's at my favorite courses.

Generally speaking, this iron is a monster. Spin rates are a little lower than I would have expected, contributing to a healthy amount of roll that will be beneficial off the tee. However, I can see where this might be an issue on approach shots that carry to the green. Definitely something to keep an eye on as I play this season.

(And let's be honest. How often do I carry a shot from 200+ onto the green?)

I found the increased accuracy of the Z U65 to be most beneficial as I averaged only six yards offline. This alone is an improvement from my hybrid gamer, which I have a tendency to hook.

Overall Impression

There is simply no reason why you shouldn't consider adding the Srixon Z U65 to your bag. Trust me: any doubts you had about forgiveness or distance loss in a utility iron are banished with this club. I hit it farther and straighter than any hybrid I've owned, and this iron might be my new favorite club in my bag.