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REVIEW: Srixon Z 765 Driver

REVIEW: Srixon Z 765 Driver

Announced in mid-2016, the Srixon Z 765 driver is a lower-spinning option compared to the Z 565 driver I reviewed last year for players with higher swing speeds. Equipped with a smaller head, the Z 765 will appeal to players who prefer the traditional clubhead sizes of yesteryear.

Technology and Specifications

There are a number of technology factors in the Z 765 clubhead aimed at increasing ball speed while also improving launch.

For example, the Power Wave Sole of the clubhead is designed to flex on impact. This feature may seem counter-intuitive to what other top brands are offering (i.e., designs that stabilize the clubhead while reducing flex) but is no less effective in my opinion. At the end of the day, as long as MPH is going up, that golf ball is going to fly just fine.

Srixon z765 driver

Srixon z765 driver

In addition, the club's face has been extended to fit around the clubhead as opposed to only being a solid insert. This effectively creates a larger sweet spot due to more "meat" behind the ball at impact. I compare this to hitting a ball with an aluminum baseball bat as opposed to a tennis racket; one will feel more sturdy than the other.

srixon z 765 face

srixon z 765 face

Finally, the Z 765 driver features an extremely lightweight clubhead crown that increases MOI and lowers COG throughout the swing. This is not to infer the club gets "lost" in your hands. I still felt like I had complete control of the clubhead and instantly knew when a ball was struck off-center.

Feel and Performance

Sound and feel go hand-in-hand, and while I love the way the driver feels in my hands at impact, I will admit it is a little louder than other drivers I've tried. This took some getting used to but should not be viewed as a criticism. You just have to know what to expect when hitting this club.

Besides, the way the Z 765 performs will have you forget about its sound in no time. I was extremely impressed with the club's distance output on well-struck shots, even in a dry ball testing context using old range balls.

Unfortunately, I was hitting the ball everywhere. This is of course due to my rusty golf swing in the middle of winter, but even my miss hits performed better than I expected. The Srixon Z 765 is an impressively forgiving driver despite a smaller clubhead, which gives me confidence that a hole will not be lost due to a poorly struck tee shot.

Overall Impression

I'm very excited to game the Srixon Z 765 driver this season knowing that when I put a good swing on it, my driver distance will give me more looks at birdie. While it is not the farthest driver I've ever tested, it is certainly one of the more forgiving in terms of accuracy. This gives me the confidence I need to know that I'll keep the ball in play on almost every swing, which should contribute to lower scores throughout the year.

Have you tried the Srixon Z 765 driver? Share your thoughts on the club in the comment section below.

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