REVIEW: Sport Haley Fall 2015 women's golf apparel

Sport Haley's Fall 2015 line of women's golf apparel is designed for golfers who prefer a timeless, classic style with a modern flair.

“We always stay true to our customer,” says Cathy Blair, President and Creative Director of Sport Haley. “We have continued to redefine the brand by staying focused. We create lifestyle apparel that works, for everyday and on the course.

"Our Fall 2015 collections are based on neutrals that pop with color, and fabrics that have purpose. Prints are our passion, and they are our top sellers. We pair them with non-print mixers that round out the collection. Detailing is a strength of our brand, as we give every piece special attention. Our basics have a touch of fashion, and our fashion has a touch of class. Everything is about layering and comfort, and in the end, it is about how we feel in our clothes. They perform.”

While any apparel company will make similar promises of comfort, flexibility and style, our reviewer found Sport Haley to be excellent in all categories.

The neutral colors and minimalist patterns were preferred by our reviewer, which addressed an issue all-to-common to women's golf attire: ridiculous patterns and cuts that appeal to a small subset of golfers. Sport Haley clearly did their research in this regard, offering selections that don't "look" like golf clothes.

By tapping into the mindset of the modern woman and her lifestyle today, Sport Haley knows that an annoying design flaw in golf outerwear is the need to "pull down" the bottom of your jacket after making a golf swing. Our reviewer was impressed that she didn't have to do this once with the review sample, which is sure to please anyone who has experienced similar annoyances.

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