REVIEW: Snell Golf Balls


Snell golf balls have been on the market for a couple years now and have developed a strong indie cult following. I finally had the chance to review a golf product of budding popularity at a highly affordable price. Let's take a closer look at two of Snell Golf's featured ball options: My Tour Ball and Get Sum.

My Tour Ball

Designed for those who prefer a premium golf ball, the My Tour Ball features a 3-piece design that can hold its own against any tour-caliber ball on the market.

The ball's core features an extremely low compression that results in high velocity ball speeds while maintaining a soft feel at impact. Its mantle is designed to control spin rates across every club in your bag while the ball's thermoset cast urethane cover promotes incredible durability.

Why incredible? Let me put it this way: during my test round, I hit a skulled shot dead into the side of a tree and the Snell golf ball showed no scuffs after I found it. That's incredible.

I found the My Tour Ball to be as good (or better than) my current premium ball. At a price point of just $31.99 a dozen, you can't go wrong.

Get Sum

For those who prefer a 2-piece ball design, the Get Sum ball by Snell Golf is more up your alley.

Featuring a soft, low-compression core coupled with a thin Surlyn cover, this ball features low spin rates to minimize hooks and slices to keep you on the fairway. I experienced slightly higher ball speeds than a comparable 2-piece ball in my arsenal and was surprised at how well I could control the ball despite less spin.

Grab a dozen of Snell's Get Sum golf balls for the low price of $20.99.

Overall Impressions

Overall, both Snell Golf balls performed as well as my current premium golf ball brand. This includes spin rates, distance, durability and control.

While I did test the balls on a launch monitor, my perception of their performance during a recent round of golf was favorable. Drives carried about the same as my current gamer, and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of roll the My Tour Ball produced. The Get Sum ball also performed admirably off the tee, even if it did not provide as much roll.

Both balls held approach shots and short pitches quite well, with the edge going to the My Tour Ball. I don't back wedges up too much, but was able to do so on well-nipped approaches on low-cut greens.