REVIEW: SeeMore Mini GIANT Putter


SeeMore putters focus on promoting proper alignment and squaring the putter face by way of their unique RifleScope Technology (RST). The SeeMore Mini GIANT putters are the company's flagship model, having won three major championships and over 20 Tour events. My new friends at SeeMore sent me a Mini GIANT to test drive, and here are the results.

What's with the red dot thingy?

If you don't know by now, SeeMore putters all feature a red "dot" on the topline of the putter head that acts as a visual marker for proper alignment. As a few of my Twitter followers reminded me, the mantra of "hide the dot, make the putt" is both accurate and catchy.

If you can see any part of the red dot at address, you do not have proper putter head alignment. It's that simple.

The PGA TOUR's Zach Johnson has done quite well using these putters in his career, as have other top amateurs and professionals who struggle with keeping putts on the intended target line. Amateurs will benefit the most, of course, since we can barely keep our checkbooks in order let alone our putting.

People still use checkbooks, right? Is that still a thing?

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SeeMore Mini GIANT specifications

In addition to having all the normal bells and whistles of its larger siblings, the Mini GIANT packs a good amount of tech in a small flange package.

Most notable are the four sets of non-adjustable copper weights in the heel and toe of the putter head, which helps with MOI, forgiveness, and consistent roll on off-center putts. My favorite aspect of its design is the incredibly well-balanced build which "adapts" to virtually any putter stroke (straight-and-through, arced, etc.). You don't have to focus as much on making a perfect stroke since the putter's weighting will redirect throughout the stroke.

After all, you shouldn't have to alter your stroke based on your equipment. It should be the other way around.

Feel and Performance

This is not to suggest that a crap putting stroke is automatically going to be corrected. You still have to showcase some semblance of aptitude in order to be successful with the Mini GIANT, as is the case with any putter.

However, I found the SeeMore putter to be incredibly forgiving and an absolute joy to putt with.

Lag putt performance was outstanding. Despite playing on longer, aerated greens in October, the Mini GIANT produced a smooth roll on every putt. I'm not out there throwing darts at every pin, so two-putting a green is perfectly acceptable for me during most rounds.

Admittedly, getting used to aligning the Mini GIANT took some time. The ideal ball and hand position with any SeeMore putter is middle of your stance with no forward press. In fact, you literally have your hands slightly behind the golf ball at address, which is something the company admits could be a big adjustment.

But the putter's performance spoke for itself. A little initial discomfort at address was quickly negated when I started seeing my putts hone-in on the cup time and time again. I had no less than three lip-outs on putts longer than 15 feet during my round, which I attribute to poor reads on my part. The special Rosemark grip on my test model was also great and similar to my SuperStroke slim.

Finally, the Mini GIANT emitted a soft, muted sound at impact without sounding too harsh or metallic.

Overall Impression

I love putters. I absolutely adore trying new models, builds, technology and features on flatsticks. How I've not reviewed a SeeMore model to this point is downright criminal.

The SeeMore Mini GIANT was absolutely fantastic to play a round with. While I could still use a few hours on the practice green to get comfortable with a different hand position at address, an improvement in my accuracy was seen immediately. I felt like any putt had a chance to go in.

There's no doubt that the Mini GIANT will be seeing a lot of time in my golf bag.

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