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REVIEW: The Ranger golf bag by CaddyDaddy

Practicing on the driving range is one of my favorite things to do. However, I don't always want to drag my entire golf bag to the range when I know I'll only hit a few clubs. The new Ranger golf bag by CaddyDaddy is a great option if you want to lighten your load during your next practice session or casual Sunday round.

The Ranger by CaddyDaddy is a lightweight, compact golf bag -- or maybe closer to a quiver? -- designed to hold up to nine clubs. Featuring a padded top and three zippered pockets, the Ranger gives your clubs just enough protection and provides a good amount of storage for balls and tees. A towel ring, molded base and comfortable strap round out the features of a bag that weighs less than four pounds.

Make no mistake about it: this is a specific product for a specific purpose and was not designed to replace your full-size golf bag.

The Good

The Ranger is extremely light and will easily fit in any car trunk without taking up much space. I'm sure you can also use it as a budget-friendly travel bag option for flights, but I prefer more protection around my clubs.

The pockets are deep and more than adequate for what you'll need on the range or course. I was even able to pack my rangefinder. You won't be able to pack a rain suit, but once again... the Ranger was made for a specific purpose.

There are other "Sunday bag" options on the market, but the Ranger is the only one I found that costs less than $50 brand new. You can expect to easily drop over $100 on competing brands, which, honestly, seems excessive for a bag you'll only use a few times a season.

The Not-So-Great

Being a budget-friendly golf bag means you're going to get mediocre material quality.

While well-built, the Ranger is comprised of cheaper materials than its leather-bound competitors. The outside skin is nylon, the inside protective tubing is a hard plastic, and the padding on its strap is minimal. The overall appearance and shape of the bag is very "tube-like" which may be off-putting to players who prefer a more traditional build.

Finally, while I could fit nine clubs in the bag, it was a snug fit that allowed for one wood.

Overall Impression

The Ranger golf bag by CaddyDaddy isn't the best looking Sunday bag on the market, but it is likely the least expensive. For a golf bag at this price point, the Ranger is a great option if you want to make your practice sessions more convenient. I can totally picture this bag as a weekend lake house mainstay, or a great option for a junior golfer looking to break into the game.

For more information on the Ranger golf bag, visit the CaddyDaddy website: www.caddydaddygolf.com.

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