REVIEW: PGA Tour Cologne


  When I heard that the PGA Tour was releasing a cologne my immediate thought was, "This has to smell like cut grass and lakewater, right?" Much to my delight, the new PGA Tour Cologne smells nothing like either of those things and instead establishes itself as a great fragrance option for male golf fans.

Produced and distributed by Tru Fragrance, the PGA Tour Cologne is the first ever signature cologne of the professional golfer's association. The company bills it as being inspired by "the competitive, innovative and swift nature of the game." I've never thought of my cologne in terms of its 'swiftness' so I was excited to try out a bottle this past week.

At first glance -- er, sniff -- the cologne emits a clean, out-of-the-shower aroma with hints of citrus and fresh mint. There's supposed to be a smattering of 'masculine woods' in the formula as well, but I couldn't put my nose on it. The overall scent rests comfortably between too 'cheap-smelling' and something you would normally expect from a luxury cologne brand. In other words, it is quite pleasant.

At the time of this writing the PGA Tour Cologne isn't available everywhere just yet. Tournament attendees will notice the bottle in PGA Tour merchandise tents while other fans will have to purchase a bottle online. Each 3.4 fl. oz. bottle retails for $58.