REVIEW: OnCore Avant and Caliber Golf Balls


When it comes to indie golf brands, your chances of finding a decent piece of equipment are few and far between. The OnCore Avant and Caliber golf balls are better than decent, even if aspects of their performance fall short to the competition. Both the Avant and Caliber golf balls by OnCore Golf are part of their "play better system," and both succeed in that regard (and at a cheaper price). Both still feature the company's patented metal core, the former in a two-piece design and the latter in a tour-caliber (get it?) three-piece build. Low compression designs (65 and 80, respectively) give both golf balls a softer feel that appealed to me greatly.

However, on the course both seemed to hold truer to their metal aspects and less like what I would expect out of a golf ball.

Holding the green was a challenge with both ball as I struggled with generating enough spin on any of my approach shots. Even during a round at a nicer course in my area after a heavy rain, I found both the Caliber and Avant balls to ricochet off the putting surface and roll-out longer than I hoped. This made scoring difficult and frustrating at times.

Off the tee was more of the same, but in a good way. I absolutely pounded these golf balls with my driver, resulting in distances that instilled a great deal of confidence throughout the round. Still, for whatever reason, my approach shots simply would not hold a green.

I'm willing to admit that this may be the result of my poor ball striking, but when a full sand wedge hits in front of well manicured green and rolls to the back... well, something is amiss.

Regardless, most amateurs won't care about how much spin they generate with their golf balls. As long as the ball travels far -- and both the Avant and Caliber excelled in that aspect -- most golfers will be pleased as punch.

Overall, you have to come to terms with what these golf balls are and what they are not. If you're looking for a ball that handles well around the greens and on approach shots, I suspect you'll be happier with different brands. If you struggle with distance and need a boost off the tee, however, then the OnCore offerings should be at the top of your list.

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