REVIEW: Miura MB001 Irons

The Miura MB001 irons are arguably the smoothest, most gorgeous irons on the market. After trying a custom set of these blades, I can safely say they are the best clubs I've ever hit in my life. A couple weeks ago I outlined my club fitting experience at Club Champion, which left me with a deeper understanding of my golf swing, game, and equipment. During that fitting I learned that I would not only benefit from playing blades and a lighter shaft, but I needed a lie angle one degree flatter than standard. This straightened out my natural hook and left me with a renewed confidence in my ballstriking.

Roughly 10 days later I was pleased to receive an email notifying me that my new Miura blades were ready for pick up.

As you can tell from the pictures above, these clubs are gorgeous. Stunning might be an even more appropriate adjective.

Hitting these clubs is an experience in itself. Every strike reverberates with a soft, muted, yet strong sensation in your hands that screams high quality. When a golf club is designed by a man who uses the same techniques and attention to detail used to build samurai swords, you'll expect nothing less than perfection.

These clubs deliver on that expectation in spades.

No, these clubs are not meant to give you explosive distance gains (even though I ended up hitting them further than my Mizuno MP5's). They are butter knives in every sense of the phrase: super thin yet designed for a specific purpose. Off-center hits are punitive, and you will lose distance due to your mistake.

Isn't that the point, though?

Luckily, there is still enough technology in each Miura MB001 clubhead to offer some relief on miss-hits. For example, my 6-iron carries roughly 170 when pured, and averaged between 163 to 166 yards when struck off-center. Not a massive drop in distance, but enough to let you know you've slipped a little.

Miura is a boutique golf company that will not fit every golfer's budget. You are going to pay a pretty penny for any Miura club, and the MB001 blades are no exception. Coupled with a professional fitting (which I strongly recommend), my set of Miura's would easily top $3000. Full disclosure: I received these clubs as a media member and club reviewer.

Overall, the Miura MB001 irons are the finest clubs I've ever owned. While I will be hanging on to my Mizuno's as a great second set of irons, the Miura's have taken their rightful place in my golf bag and will remain there for years to come.