REVIEW: Michael Brisbane's Impact Solutions for Golf

(The following is a product review for Michael Brisbane's Impact Solutions for Golf.  Exclusive to readers of be sure to enter coupon code "chicagoduffer" at the time of checkout for FREE SHIPPING when purchasing this fantastic golf training aid from the product website.)

Michael Brisbane is a licensed PGA Teaching Professional hailing from the Azalea City Golf Course located in Mobile, Alabama.  Brisbane has been a member of the PGA since 1996 and has dedicated his life to teaching golf.  Throughout his years as a teaching professional, Brisbane has focused on helping golfers fight the most common swing flaw in the game: the dreaded slice.

According to Brisbane, there are two main components to correcting any swing flaw: mechanics and mental preparedness.  While both factors may seem rather obvious, most golfers cannot separate the two appropriately and often fall victim to repeated bad habits, which will only further-ingrain an improper swing into your subconscious mind.  Well, you know me: I'm a sucker for psychology!

Brisbane explains:

So why do golfers perform these two components at the same time? The answer lies in our subconscious. Our subconscious is very active in golf and it is always trying to solve problems. However, it never gets to the cause of the problem; it always adds another flaw to compensate for the original problem. So it becomes the story of the chicken or the egg. Which came first, the over the top swing path, or the open club face? It could be either one, and the subconscious added the second component to try and solve the problem. But this is a slippery slope that will always cause you headaches and frustration in your game.

To stop slicing the ball you must address both problems. You must swing the club on the correct path and learn to square the club face. If you fix one without the other, you will hit either pulls or pushes. This is very difficult to do on your own. So I created a training/practice aid to help my students accomplish this task. I began thinking, if I could eliminate one of the flaws for you, and then your subconscious would help you fix the other problem. That is why I invented Impact Solutions For Golf . This swing training guide will not let you come over the top. If you do you will hit the guide with your club. The first few swings will be awkward, but you will quickly figure out how not to hit the guides. Then if you deliver your club face to the ball open, with an on plane shaft, you will hit push slices, which you won't like. But this is where the subconscious comes into play. It will want to fix the shot hit to the right, but it will know it can't come over the top, so it will square the club face. It is the only option it has.

In addition to helping players correct their slice, the Impact Solutions for Golf system can also help if you suffer from fat shots, hitting behind the ball, the dreaded shank, or if you simply want to hit your pitches, putts, and full shots more solid.

The idea behind Impact Solutions is rather simple; set up with your own clubs along with Brisbane's patented training aid and begin practicing.  Depending on the portion of your swing you are hoping to improve, this training aid can be positioned in a variety of different ways.  The aid is also helpful on the putting green or chipping area at your local driving range.


If you are interested in trying Impact Solutions for Golf for your game, be sure to visit the product homepage to purchase your system today.  This training aid is available for $39.95, and readers of can receive FREE SHIPPING by entering coupon code "chicagoduffer" at the time of checkout.

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