REVIEW: Major Chase Golf Gloves


Golf gloves can be a very personal equipment purchase based on preferences that differ widely from one player to the next. Finding the perfect fit for your glove, for example, can be a challenge. The folks at Major Chase golf gloves offer a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and customization options to help you find the perfect fit for your game.

Major Chase takes the "traditional" glove size chart and blows it up to massive proportions and versatility. While you may be most familiar with sizes like "medium," "large," "small" and cadet sizes of each, Major Chase offers more than 50 different glove sizes to fit literally any hand in the game.

What makes Major Chase golf gloves so special?

Top golfers from all levels of the game -- amateur, professional, and club professionals -- agree that the Major Chase 100% Cabretta Sheep Skin Leather Gloves don’t replicate, they vastly improve the glove pros love to wear. [T]his one-of-a-kind, Purely Premier golf glove has received wide acceptance for its durability, feel, performance, and value pricing.

In short, anyone who wears the Major Chase Purely Premier glove will find the same consistent sizing; the soft, supple, velvet feel; the precise stitching; and the incredible comfort from fingertips to beyond the wrist line.

I found the Major Chase gloves to be true-to-billing, extremely durable and a perfect fit. I like my golf gloves to be snug, so the company's thickness options allowed me to dial in the exact fit I needed no matter which glove model I chose. Never before have I had as many customization options for a golf glove as I did with Major Chase.

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