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REVIEW: The Hogan Code by Christo Garcia


The Hogan Code is the latest golf instructional video from MySwingEvolution.com founder and host, Christo Garcia, that focuses on the finer elements found in the golf swing of golf legend Ben Hogan. After practicing with the video for the last two weeks, I am convinced that you will not find a better instructional video anywhere. Readers of this site and listeners to our podcast know all about Mr. Garcia. After struggling with his golf game for years, Mr. Garcia read Ben Hogan's Five Lessons and decided to completely overhaul his swing. A YouTube channel with over 8 million views and 23,000 subscribers followed, culminating in what Mr. Garcia calls his "magnum opus": The Hogan Code.

Simply stated, this video is a masterpiece.

Using the foundation of a documentary film style -- unique to the golf instruction video genre -- The Hogan Code walks you through every element of what Mr. Garcia refers to as "the classic swing." You'll learn about the grip, the takeaway, the full backswing, downswing, proper weight shift, and dozens of other finer elements that collectively create a masterful golf swing that anyone can learn.

Wait... a masterful swing that anyone can learn? Trust me: I'm nowhere near pro-golf quality, and I've already implemented many of the techniques in my own swing.

What I appreciate most about Mr. Garcia's approach in The Hogan Code is how he systematically breaks down every key element of the classic swing. He has coined "titles" and phrases to describe every key point in the swing, making it easy to take each individual section with you to work on the range. I'll admit that my first viewing of the nearly 2-hour long video had to be broken into multiple sessions in order to digest the vast amount of information presented, and I strongly recommend you do the same.

The most fascinating concepts I learned in The Hogan Code include Mr. Garcia's explanation of the weight shift, beginning with the proper way to pivot on your back leg in your backswing. I've been taught multiple backswing techniques over the years, but I never felt I had a solid understanding of what I should "feel" when in the proper position. The Hogan Code solved the mystery for me in less than 10 minutes.

The result? I gained 10 yards across my irons simply because I now understand the sequence required to execute the proper weight shift. At the risk of sounding too dramatic, it was as if a decades-old veil of uncertainty had been lifted from my vision. I cannot describe how excited I am for this golf season.

There are dozens of other concepts presented in the video I can brag about, but I don't want to ruin the surprise. It is impossible for me to recommend The Hogan Code highly enough. If you are thinking of purchasing a golf instructional video for the first time or have been frustrated with years of watching other titles, do yourself a favor and visit MySwingEvolution.com and purchase The Hogan Code today.

Everything you could possibly hope to learn about the classic golf swing is in this video. It is a must for any serious golfer looking to take his or her game to the next level.

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