REVIEW: Grip Boost Golf Gloves


Having a high-quality golf glove is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your bag. Grip Boost offers a new take on the golf glove, including a grip tacky spray that rejuvenates the glove when you need it.

Fit and Feel

Let's fact it: there isn't much to say about a golf glove. It either fits or it doesn't. It feels great or it doesn't. It helps you hang on to the golf club better... or it doesn't.

The Grip Boost golf glove excels in all categories.

Designed with the highest quality cabretta leather, the Grip Boost golf glove grips the club securely, comfortably and provides you a feeling of full control during the swing. Its mesh backing drives moisture out of the glove and keeps your hand cool during the round. Each finger in the glove also features ventilation perforations to aide in this cooling design.

Golf gloves need to fit snug on your hand, otherwise the glove could bunch up and wear unevenly in the palm. The Grip Boost glove fits as a golf glove should.

Grip Boost Spray

Where the Grip Boost glove differs from others is the USGA-approved tacky spray available as a playing partner to the glove.

The concept is simple: spray this stuff on the glove, let dry for 10-15 minutes, and you've got brand new tackiness on the glove's palm. Think of how football wide receiver gloves are sticky... but to a lesser extreme.

And you know what? This stuff actually works. I felt the golf glove become "stickier" and my grip improve slightly after applying the spray. I'm interested to see how the spray affects my golf club grips in the long term, if at all.

Price and Availability

You can pick up a 2-pack of the Grip Boost golf gloves from their website for an astounding price of $24.99. The Grip Boost spray retails for $12.99.

Both products are available at most Play It Again Sports locations across the country.