REVIEW: Forte Golf Balls


If you've never heard of Forte golf balls, there's good reason: they are currently not available in the United States. Luckily, I had the chance to review two different golf balls from the company's stable: the Tour Performance S and the Apex 6. Both golf balls were fantastic, and each are designed for players looking for a high-quality, super durable ball. Both did both deliver on that promise?

Forte Tour Performance S

Forte Tour Performance S

As the name of the ball implies, the Forte Tour Performance S is designed for the better player. This three-piece ball feature a soft polyurethane cover that encapsulates a low-compression core, adding to the ball's overall "soft" feel. I absolutely loved playing this golf ball over the weekend thanks to its control around the green and distance off the tee.

Wedges spun as wedges should. Irons held the green nicely. The ball's flight characteristics were consistent and true throughout my round. Durability was another positive point as the balls held up well despite hitting a couple trees in my first round of the season.

I can easily play the Forte Tour Performance S every round without fear of losing out on distance or control. Very impressive overall.

Forte Apex 6

Forte Apex 6

six-piece golf ball?! 

I'll be honest: I have no idea why you would ever need a six-piece golf ball. I'm sure there's some scientific reason why six layers are better than three (or four... or five) but I'm most interested in how the ball performs for my game. As the most expensive ball in Forte's arsenal, this ball better perform.

Overall, I was pleased with how well the Forte Apex 6 compared to my current gamer. Similar, but not overpoweringly better.

When compared to the Tour Performance S, the Apex 6 seemed a bit longer off the tee. Granted, I was playing on super-soft fairways on an unseasonably-warm February day in Chicago, but the Apex 6 still squeezed out a few extra yards when I needed them.

The ball features four different resin layers (ranging from soft to mid-soft(?) to "tough" firmness) in addition to the same core and cover seen in the Tour Performance S. The Apex 6 felt similar at impact to the Tour Performance S, while also performing similar around and on the putting surface. Sadly, I didn't see anything in the Apex 6 that would warrant spending more money.

Overall Impression

In my testing, the Forte Tour Performance S golf ball shined. Everything I could want out of a golf ball was present, including consistent distance and control throughout the bag. I will definitely include this ball in my rotation throughout the year.

The Forte Apex 6, while a great golf ball, did not seem much different in comparison for me. I know there's more tech involved in its design; I just couldn't tell on the course. This should not deter you from buying this ball if you've got the chance... but don't expect to be "wowed."

For more information on both golf balls, visit the Forte Golf website by clicking this link.