REVIEW: Focal Golf Swing Recording Aid


Recording yourself while you practice can be a great way to spot any hitches in your golf swing. Unfortunately, hauling a video camera and tripod to the driving range isn't very convenient. My friends at Focal Golf have solved this issue with their new smartphone holder. The Focal Golf Swing Recording Aid is a simple yet ingenious contraption that securely holds your smartphone while using your golf bag as the tripod. Simply insert your phone into the brace, clip the unit to your bag and BOOM... you've got your own personal video studio.

The FOCAL GOLF Smartphone Holder (Swing Recording Aid) allows your game to benefit from this instant analysis by making it incredibly simple for you to use your smart phone to record and then review your swing.
Designed to fit all leading smart phones, simply position your bag in the appropriate position and then clip the FG Smartphone Holder (Swing Recording Aid) to your golf bag. Insert your phone into the bracket, press record on your camera and off you go.

What's great about the Focal Golf Swing Recording Aid is that it can be used with virtually any smartphone make or model. This is a rarity these days since most external cases or hardware makes you choose between iPhone or Android and cannot be used with both. I was even able to keep my phone in its case while using the Focal Golf Swing Recording Aid.

My only concern was the stability of the holder over time. While the holder's joint was sturdy and stiff during our test, I wonder if prolonged use and bending would make the joint looser. Time will tell, I suppose.

Overall, the Focal Golf Swing Recording Aid is a great way to start recording your golf swing by working with equipment most golfers already have: a smartphone camera and a golf bag. Ideas like these make game improvement more enjoyable without breaking your wallet.

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Focal Golf Smartphone Holder