We've all been there before: you have nothing to do on a weekend afternoon, the weather is beautiful, and the golf course is a few miles away. Unfortunately, all of your normal playing partners are busy, and playing golf by yourself isn't exactly the most enjoyable experience. What is a lonely golfer to do? could be the answer.

Designed in the spirit of other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, this website allows players from across the globe to connect, book, and schedule tee times together at local golf courses. The number of features available on the website are astounding - to say the least - which includes an upcoming Amateur Golf Tour in which players of any calibar can participate.

In addition, also allows members the opportunity to review courses across the globe on a clean and easy-to-use intergrated dashboard on the website. Ever wonder how difficult that new course down the street plays? Visit the Course Review portion of to see what other players think. After playing the course, you can even submit your own personal review for other golfers to read and comment on.

Recently I was able to speak with Rick Scherer, Managing Partner and Founder of

What originally sparked the idea or concept of

The original concept came from the frustration I had trying to get a group together to play golf.  I originally started it as a place for me to find some other golfing friends. After only 30 days, we had over 100 members and it was at that time that I realized there were a lot of golfers out there like me and I could make this into a business.

In an era where people are more connected than ever before via social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, there is no doubt that fits within the niche of likeminded people enjoying a similar interest with one another. Where do you see your website five years from now, and are there any plans to integrate with other social media outlets?

We want to create our website into an awesome social networking website, but more importantly, our concept is to help connect golfers together through events and tournaments. One thing I realized over the past year and a half is that golfers will not go out of their way to meet other golfers.  There are several other golf buddy websites out there, but they lack in the platform that helps golfers connect.  We organize events and tournaments for the sole purpose of giving every golfer a place to play on a regular basis along with helping to introduce them to other golfers, but in a group setting.  Although we sell individual rounds of golf on the website, our main focus is the organization of events.  We are currently in Charlotte and Raleigh and have plans to expand to Florida and Texas within the next 2 years.

With's "Find A Game" feature, golfers are able to add a game listing to the site and then find additional players to participate in the game.  Are there plans to move this feature into a mobile application for smartphones?

This is something we talked about, but again, kind of takes us away from our ultimate goal. We’ve had this feature on our website before and it was hardly ever used. My experience shows that a VERY small percentage of golfers will actually go meet a total stranger to play golf.  We’ve created a buddy list on our website and are integrating the "Find A Game Feature" into that.  This way golfers will be inviting only players they know and hopefully will find players for a group.  Again, this is an added feature for our members, but not really in the overall goal of our site.

You also offer a sign-up for an Amateur Golf Tour on the website. What are some of the details for this Tour, such as cost, locations available, and handicap level?

The Amateur Golf Tour is now being called the Carolinas Golf Tour.  We are currently making some changes on the Tour side of things to get sponsorships and more coverage.  I will have more information on this in the next few months.

On the website, members are able to rate courses across the country for the benefit of others to read. How has this feature been embraced by your membership? Are there any additional features that we should keep our eyes out for in the future?

The Golf Course information side of the website is something we plan to expand and grow. As a social networking site, we need members commenting on golf course experiences. We are now offering 50 Golfer Points to any member for reviewing a Golf Course. Golfer Points are an award based program that can be used on the website for additional discount.  I am re-designing our website, will be completed by the end of next week. The new website will also include a Fantasy Golf Challenge that will be open to all members.  It will be a Golfer Point program with prizes awarded in Golfer Points.

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