REVIEW: DST Compressor Training Aid


If you are a golfer who struggles with finding the proper impact position with your irons, the DST Compressor is the training aid you've been searching for. I have heard so much about this club that I needed to try it out for myself, and I was not disappointed. Designed to get your hands forward and ahead of the golf ball at impact, the DST Compressor is used by dozens of Tour pros as their training aid of choice. The crazy part is that none of these pros are sponsored by DST, which should tell you how effective this club can be.

Watch my video review of the DST Compressor below. To learn more abut this fantastic training aid, visit



  • Great way to feel the proper impact position
  • You are able to hit real golf balls
  • Well-built club that feels great when hit well


  • Takes a lot of getting used to starting off
  • Can be uncomfortable for golfers who like to fade the golf ball
  • Address position feels extreme