REVIEW: Cut Golf Co. golf balls


Cut Golf Co. has been getting a lot of attention on social media due to their incredibly affordable golf ball options and subscription service. We previewed the golf balls on this site late last month, but I finally got the chance to play nine holes with them today. Despite playing like a steaming pile of hot garbage, the Cut Golf balls performed well and earned my recommendation for a budget golf ball.

Listen to my interview with the founders of Cut Golf Co. here.

cut golf co balls

Performance and Feel

Cut Golf Co. offers three different options suited for players of any caliber: Blue, Red, and White. I played the Cut Blue ball today as it is advertised as a four-piece ball retailing for under $25 per dozen. This ball features a urethane cover just like other premium options in the market but for about half of the price.

While warming up with the balls on the putting green, I noticed they felt a little "harder" off the face of my putter than I prefer. Those of you who have putted with a Top-Flite versus a Pro-V1 know what I mean. My current gamer is much softer, and from a feel perspective, the Cut Blue definitely took some getting used to.

Everything else seemed to be similar to my current gamer in terms of overall performance.

Distance off the tee was fine. Ball flight was a little higher than I'm used to, but nothing ridiculous. Irons shots held the green nicely, even on dry, fast greens. Other than the way the ball felt at impact, I didn't notice anything monumentally different from my current ball.


The Cut Blue golf ball held up well, even after hitting a couple trees during my crap-fest of a round. The urethane cover remained unscathed even after a direct tree-bark hit, which was very surprising.

Overall Impression

I could definitely play the Cut Blue golf ball from Cut Golf Co. and not worry about a difference in performance or durability. While I still prefer my current gamer, the options from Cut Golf Co. are attractively priced and can serve as perfect back-ups.

This highlights how a company that offers a subscription model could win a player like me over. It's not easy to find my current ball on store shelves, and ordering from the website is more expensive than what Cut Golf Co. offers in a similar ball for my game. Free shipping can go a long way for the budget-conscious golfer.