REVIEW: Coolcore Hats by Imperial


If you are like the vast majority of golfers in the game today, chances are you like wearing a hat while you play. Unfortunately, hot summer days can turn your favorite hat into a proverbial pressure cooker. The new Coolcore hat by Imperial offers a refreshing -- and cooling -- spin on athletic headwear. imperial-coolcore

Its premise is simple: a lightweight, breathable hat that can be dipped in water to provide a unique cooling sensation for its owner on hot, muggy days. Rocket science this is not; however it is a take on increasing golfer comfort that I haven't seen from other brands.

Imperial is the first company to bring the Coolcore technology into the golf market. In addition, Imperial is the only company using the award-winning chemical-free Coolcore technology in their fabrics. The Coolcore chemical-free innovation is THE BEST cooling technology in the world as validated by being the only recipient of the Hohenstein Institute’s Innovative technology award for “Cooling Power.” The Coolcore technology uses multiple fibers and cross sections to ensure users that the products are biologically safe.

If "cooling power" sounds fancy to you, all it basically means is that the Coolcore is made with a special mix of threads and material that lends itself to not losing shape when drenched in cold water. Furthermore, the material's natural tendency to whisk away moisture from your head will keep sweat from dripping down your face. All of this rolls up into an extremely well-fitting, comfortable hat.

Chances are you've dipped an old hat or baseball cap in a pool or bucket of water in the past. What Coolcore is offering is not a novel concept, by any means. What they are offering, however, is a scientifically proven design to keep you cool on the course with an added optional feature of dousing the hat with water.

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