REVIEW: Cobra KING WideLow Wedge


Cobra Golf recently released a new line of wedges, and the product is a result of the company going back to the basics. They refocused their attention and efforts in hopes of providing more feel to the player. The goal was the make the club feel better in the player's hands while also sounding better in the process. With Tour players Rickie Fowler and Jonas Blixt on board to help the process, it gives the product a very legit feel. The KING wedges are available in three sole grinds: Versatile, Classic, and WideLow. The Versatile features a medium bounce angle, while the Classic features a higher bounce angle. The WideLow has a broader sole with less bounce.

My son recently got the junior set of Cobra clubs, and that got me even more excited to give the Cobra wedge a try. The 56-degree WideLow version is the one I'm reviewing. Continue reading to see how it fared.

Look and Feel (5/5)

Cobra golf clubs have always looked really classy, and this wedge is no different. The chrome-plated carbon gives it a very smooth and pretty look. There is a simple notch on the back which I'll get to more below. The club face features 100% CNC Milled Grooves, and you can specifically see the roughness on the face designed to help spin control. The shaft option is True Temper Dynamic Gold with a Lamkin UTX/KING LTD grip.

The wedge also has a great feel to it, and the small notch mentioned above helps keep the club consistent at address. The club doesn't feel as heavy in my hands as some of the other wedges I've hit in the past, but it's pretty heavy at impact. It's hard to explain, but it makes for a very unique and satisfying swinging experience.

Performance (4/5)

I've used Vokey wedges for more than a decade, and I've been happy with the performance. The KING wedge stacks up very well with the Vokey and outperforms it in a couple areas. My distance control with this wedge is much improved over anything I've hit, and the best part is the number of mishits have been minimized.

I'm not above the occasional wedge shank, and after hitting over 100 shots of all different distances with this wedge, I'm happy to report zero shanks. That's a huge plus all the way around!

The WideLow version is better suited for wet and softer fairways and areas around the green, and living in Southwest Oklahoma, that's not one of the strengths at numerous local golf courses. I'm not as consistent from 15-20 yards and in with this club as I'd like to be, but that probably has more to do with my local course conditions. It's still very consistent, however. I'd love to give the Versatile Grind version a try as I think it's perfectly suited for Southwest Oklahoma golf.

Overall Impression (4/5)

The unique feel in my hands the KING wedge provides before and during contact can't be understated, and it's a major plus. The improved consistency and minimized mishits is also a huge bonus. The overall rating is probably closer to 4.5 than 4, and this club will be in my golf bag moving forward. Hopefully, I'll get the opportunity to try the Classic and Versatile Grind versions as well to compare.