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REVIEW: Cobra KING LTD Pro Driver


I've been singing the praises of Cobra Golf's evident progress in their metalwoods for a couple years now, and the Cobra KING LTD Pro driver continues that trend. Since I already game the KING LTD version offered by the company, I was interested to see how it's smaller-headed cousin compares. I was not disappointed.


Overall, the Cobra KING LTD Pro driver has all the same bells and whistles as the KING LTD, with lower loft and fade settings (all the way down to 7-degrees!) that will appeal to the cool kids at your country club.

Equipped with Cobra's MyFly technology and adjustability features, the Cobra KING LTD Pro promotes a penetrating ball flight when coupled with the lowest possible COG available in their product line. Throw in an ultra-lightweight crown and speed channel face and you've got a recipe for extreme ball speeds.

Long story short: if you have a high swing speed (100+) you may benefit more from the KING LTD Pro than what the KING LTD can offer.


First and foremost, I should not be playing this driver. My max swing speed touches 100 mph on a confident day while hovering more around 90-95 as the norm. I won't be switching from my current driver, which is just fine by me.

Even still, the benefits that the Cobra KING LTD Pro driver offers to the right type of player are clear and impressive. But just to make sure I got a good opinion on its performance, I had a low single-digit handicap test the driver along with using my driver -- the non-pro Cobra KING LTD -- as a control.

On average, the tester carried the non-pro version 268.3 yards with a slight draw (10.5 degrees). Of the 10 balls he hit on the range, most would have landed "in the fairway" and rolled a good distance. Not too shabby.

Comparatively, the tester averaged a 270.8 carry with the KING LTD Pro set at the same loft and no fade bias. Not a substantial boost in distance by any means, but extrapolated over the course of a round and you could see a significant difference.

Overall Takeaway

Our tester loved the Cobra KING LTD Pro driver overall and was impressed with how "easy" the club was to hit. While he didn't experience huge distance gains compared to the non-pro KING LTD, he very much preferred the pro version when compared to his current driver (about 10 yards further). Choosing which KING LTD offering boils down to personal preference for the pro player.

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