The new COBRA KING F7 Driver promises a ton of distance and technology for golfers looking to spice up their long game. Equipped with COBRA CONNECT and designed to be a distance machine, the COBRA KING F7 was a pleasure to hit during our review.

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COBRA KING F7 Technology

What makes a golf club "smarter?"

COBRA Golf believes it is installing an Arccos Golf-powered device (COBRA CONNECT) in the grip of their newest driver to give you feedback on how long you hit your drives. This is obviously a first in the golf equipment industry as no other clubs come with this tech built in.

How does that work? Let's watch.

Pretty ingenious way to incorporate an industry-leading technology into your product, eh? Having used Arccos Golf in the past, I was not disappointed by COBRA CONNECT's functionality and ease of use. Definitely a huge plus.

Aside from gadgets and gizmos, the COBRA KING F7 is also a state-of-the-art driver in terms of design.

Billed as "three drivers in one", you have full adjustability control of the KING F7. Moveable weights throughout the clubhead sole helps you fine tune your launch and shot shape preferences while COBRA's patented MyFly hosel provides multiple loft options.

cobra king f7 driver weights

As I've said many times before, visit a certified club fitter to help you determine which club setting is best for your game... AND LEAVE THAT SETTING ALONE. You'll thank me later, trust me.

COBRA KING F7 Performance

I compared the KING F7 to my new gamer, the Callaway GBB Epic. While I anticipated subtle differences between the clubs due mainly to their respective club shafts (60g vs 50g, respectively), I was surprised to see how well my gamer outperformed the F7.

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All carry distances were recorded via my trusty Voice Caddie SC100. Despite the 13-yard difference in average distance, the COBRA KING F7 felt great and was incredibly accurate, even on miss hits. Impact felt soft and muted, which is much different from my gamer's harder, louder feel. The golf ball curved back on line almost every shot, which I couldn't always say about the Epic.

In my perfect world, being on the fairway is much more beneficial to me than being long off the tee. However, 13 yards is 13 yards.

Final Impression

Generally speaking, the COBRA KING F7 driver is a fantastic golf club that can absolutely help your game. While not significantly different from the COBRA KING LTD driver family in terms of performance, nor the longest driver on the market, the KING F7 should be in your short list of new driver options this season. Hell, COBRA CONNECT alone is worth the purchase.