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REVIEW: Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach 2 Putter

Earlier this year Cleveland Golf announced they would be adding three additional putter models to their super-popular Huntington Beach Collection, bringing the total to nine. My personal favorite of the new group -- the Huntington Beach 2 -- is a sleek, classic half-mallet design that is an absolute joy to use.


Originally launched in September 2016, the Huntington Beach collection included three putter styles: the 1, 4 and 6 models. I bagged the Huntington Beach 6 for a good portion of 2017 thanks to its comfortable feel, confidence-inducing weight and overall performance on the green. I was also astounded that so much performance could be found in a putter that retailed under $100.

In April 2017, three additional models were released in the collection: the 3, 6c, and the 10. Each featured Cleveland's take on tour-favorite styles played be the best in the world and was warmly welcomed by players everywhere.

This latest release -- the 2, 8 and 11 -- focus on head styles that specialize in stroke stability and alignment improvements.

Tech and Feel

Each putter in the series features a precision milled face that has a deep, coarse, diamond-shaped pattern. This promotes an exceptionally soft feel at impact that I absolutely love. I found that this soft feel remained on any putt regardless of golf ball make or model, which is fantastic.

The clubhead in each putter is forged from 304 stainless steel -- a softer metal that is easier to bend for customization. In addition to promoting soft feel, this allows the putter to be fit to a wider range of putting preferences and lie angles.


I absolutely loved the performance of the Huntington Beach 2 putter I tested.

Featuring a toe-down classic half-mallet blade design, the HB 2 features a single alignment dot and clean look at address. I usually prefer little to no alignment aides as I find them distracting. For whatever reason I have a tendency to doubt my read when standing over the putt and attempt to "line up" the aim point. Conversely, the HB 2 style was incredibly comfortable at address and instilled a sense of confidence.

While wider in comparison to another favorite putter -- the Wilson 8802 -- the HB 2 is still more slender in comparison to other popular putter styles. I never want to feel like I'm putting with a shovel or hubcap, and this putter is definitely not in that realm.

Putts rolled true and seemed to have limited skid after impact. This allowed me to get immediate feedback on whether or not I had struck a good putt, thanks to the line I normally draw on my golf balls. In a part of the game that can be impacted by even the slightest blemish on the putting surface, it is empowering to know the HB 2 will induce a true roll every single time.

Overall Impression

You guys know I love me some Cleveland Golf. I'm not shying away from that anytime soon. The Huntington Beach 2 putter is another example of a product that is simply better than others I've tested.

There are tons of putter options available on the market, many of which that will undoubtedly feel and perform like the HB 2. However, when considering overall performance, feel, build customization, head styles and price, the Huntington Beach Collection is extremely hard to beat.

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