REVIEW: Callaway Golf Sure Out wedge

The new Callaway Golf Sure Out wedge was designed for golfers who struggle with their short game. Particularly useful out of the sand, the Sure Out wedge could be a godsend for players (like me) who hate playing in the beach. But how does the club perform in other areas around the green? I had the chance to test out the Sure Out wedge recently and was pleased with its performance. Let's take a closer look.

Sure Out Wedge Technology

Designed by Callaway with input from renowned instructor Hank Haney, the Sure Out wedge has a wider-than-standard bounce on its sole. This allows players to slide the club under the ball with ease when hitting out of the sand or rough. You don't even have to open the face of the club; just square that sucker off and swing. Easy.

The club's face is also larger than standard with grooves running the length of the face. For players who have a tendency of hitting pitches and chips off the toe, this feature helps ensure consistent spin regardless of strike area.

Lightweight shaft options enhance the club's feel and responsiveness, giving you added control from any lie.

The Sure Out wedge is available in 58- or 64-degrees of loft. I tested the 58-degree version.

Feel and Performance

As you can see in the video above, the Sure Out wedge performs very well out of the sand and around the greens.

With the exception of two bladed sand shots (because I'm bad at golf), I was very impressed with the club's performance out of the bunker. You just line up your shot with a square face and swing. The Sure Out's wider bounce easily glides through the sand at the appropriate depth and your golf ball responds accordingly. For the first time in a long time I felt confident with taking an aggressive swing out of the bunker.

The club also performed well out of the rough. Aside from being able to "feel" the wider bounce on the turf -- which took some getting used to -- the Sure Out felt and performed much like my current wedges. I could easily transition to the Sure Out as my lob wedge with no problems.

Overall Impression

Purists might not like the design and appearance of the Sure Out wedge. Equipment junkies will also note the design similarities of previously released game improvement wedges from other companies to the Sure Out. This is not a unique club design nor a brand new idea.

However, having tried similar wedges in the past, I prefer the usefulness and feel of the Sure Out to other options in this category. This club probably isn't for everyone... but it wasn't designed for everyone. Instead, Callaway offers a great option to players like me who need help in their short game.

Will I always carry the Sure Out wedge in my bag at all times? I'm inclined to say no, but then again, why wouldn't I want a club designed to get me out of trouble? For a guy who maybe plays once a week this club can help me enjoy the game more.

The Callaway Golf Sure Out wedge retails for $119.99.