REVIEW: Bridgestone Golf e6 Series Golf Balls

The new Bridgestone Golf e6 golf ball series focuses on matching golfers to the ball most appropriate for their swing speed. My friends at Bridgestone sent me a few advance samples to test... along with a surprise in their marketing package. Can you spot the unique twist on this media kit?

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That's right... Bridgestone is so confident that their new e6 Series golf balls will out-perform the leading brand, that they sent two sleeves of Titleist Pro-V1's for me to compare in my review.

That's freakin' ballsy.

So what's the story with these golf balls?

Geeky Techy Stuff

The new Bridgestone Golf e6 Series golf balls come in two versions: the e6 SOFT and e6 SPEED. Both golf balls feature similar technology, but with a few key differences:

  • e6 SOFT provides wonderful feel throughout the bag, reduces driver spin for longer distance and optimizes launch with irons/wedges for superior stopping power
  • e6 SPEED delivers explosive initial ball velocity for incredible straight distance
  • Both models feature new Delta Dimple Technology, minimizing air resistance to further enhance distance and accuracy

Long story short (heh), both golf balls promise greater distance, better control, and unparalleled feel regardless of your swing speed. Soooo.... how is that any different than what the "leading golf ball competitor" has to offer?

"We've learned through years of conducting fittings that the vast majority of golfers are using a product that is detrimental to their performance," says Adam Rehberg (@rehbirdie), Golf Ball Marketing. "Few generate the speed necessary to make the Pro V1 or other Tour balls perform optimally, and the results could be dramatic losses in distance and accuracy. The new e6 series is precisely designed to provide longer and straighter shots."

I generate a driver swing speed an average of 102 mph. That's relatively speedy for an amateur golfer (I work out) but I have no idea if I'm getting "optimal performance" out of my current Tour-calibar golf balls. In fact, I've only seen how my golf balls perform on a ball launch monitor once, and it didn't mean much to me at the time.

Turns out I'm not unlike most amateur players: uninformed.

"We are the clear industry leaders in ball fitting, our team has measured millions of swings with all types of golfers and captured data on their performance needs," says Elliot Mellow (@MellowGolf), Marketing Manager of Ball Fitting. "Unlike competitors, we are not advocating that most amateurs play a Tour level ball, rather we designed the new e6 series to benefit the widest variety of players. In fact, 83% of golfers show a performance gain when switching from Pro V1 to e6."

Um... 83%? Let's get to the range.

How'd the golf balls perform?

Let's cut to the chase: the guys at Bridgestone know what they're talking about. The new Bridgestone Golf e6 Series golf balls outperformed my current gamers, and significantly so.

The Bridgestone Golf e6 SOFT balls are marketed more for my game (high performance spin, lower swing speeds) so I compared those to my current gamer (a big brand, but not the one you're thinking). The distance test was conducted indoors on a personal ball launch monitor, so these numbers are about as "natural" as you can get -- no wind, no temperature concerns, just straight impact baby.

[table id=3 /]

As you can see by these summarized results -- which are imperfect and based on a small sample size -- it looks like there's a new sheriff in town. Or, at least, a new golf ball in my bag.


To be continued

Obviously there is more to a golf ball than just distance. Since I live in the Chicago area and it's really freakin' cold outside, I'll need to save the short game and putting tests for another day. I'll be sure to post those results as well.

However, based on my initial testing, it is safe to say the Bridgestone e6 Series golf balls are serious contenders to be the new leaders in the golf ball clubhouse.