REVIEW: Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Ball


If you are a golfer with a slower than average swing speed, you probably struggle to find golf balls that fly their optimum distance to benefit your game. The new Bridgestone Extra Soft golf balls were made precisely for players like you, providing a much needed boost in distance and feel when it matters most. I got an up-close-and-personal review of the newest 2-piece ball from Bridgestone. Here are the results.

Feel and Spin

Much as their name suggests, the Bridgestone Extra Soft golf balls feel dull and muted off the clubface... exactly what I like in a golf ball. I used to play balata balls back in the day, mainly due to my slightly slower swing speed (I average around 95 mph with my driver) and overall personal preference in how they felt when hit. The Bridgestone Extra Softs didn't disappoint and stayed true to billing in the feel category.

Spin was another feature that performed as-advertised. I got a fair amount of roll off the tee with these balls yet just enough "check" on the greens. Wedges stuck rather well, even when chipping around the green. I was very impressed with overall spin rates on these golf balls.


I found the Bridgestone Extra Soft balls to be consistent with my current 3-piece ball preference. Nothing major jumped out at me in this category off the tee or the fairway, which is fine. These were designed with special attention on feel, and it shows.

Why you should buy these golf balls

If you are a player who prefers a softer feeling golf ball or who is looking for more control around the greens, the Bridgestone Extra Soft is for you. I was very impressed with how the ball performed in both categories and will definitely be using them again in the near future.

Why you should not buy these golf balls

I didn't see as much a boost in distance as one might suspect from a 2-piece golf ball. Other players may disagree, but I wouldn't buy the Bridgestone Extra Softs for their length off the tee. There are plenty of other golf balls on the market that I can hit further than these; however, that's not to say these golf balls aren't worth your investment.